Web Intercourse Survey: Usage Of Adult Private Web Sites

Web Intercourse Survey: Usage Of Adult Private Web Sites

Whom took the study: 15,246 individuals, 25% females and 75% guys, reacted at either MSNBC.com or Elle.com over a two-week duration in February 2004. Normal age: ladies, 34; guys, 38. One of the participants, 55% are hitched; 92% right; 60% university or post-grad educated. This study really should not be considered a scientific, random representative sample. Https: //www. Msnbc. Msn.com/id/4873026/

Significantly more than 40 million Us citizens log onto personals internet web sites every month looking for a severe love connection or perhaps a fix that is quick. But little is famous about these contemporary mating rituals by which individuals are checking out every feasible coupling and interest into the domain that is digital.

In February, we asked you to definitely share your online intercourse and dating habits and over 15,000 of you reacted. Your responses claim that our culture is within the midst of a fresh phase regarding the revolution that is sexual one in that the guidelines of flirting, closeness and commitment are now being challenged – and ladies are freer to manage and explore their very own sex as part of your before.

You have got mail = you have happy?

Among survey participants, 58% of females and 55% of males have logged onto a individual website. Of the, approximately 1 / 2 of the women and 36% of males stated that personals web web internet sites are making a good improvement in their social life. Web sites will also be impacting their sex life – 73% of females whom’ve gone on real dates with cybermates have slept with a number of of these.


Almost 50% of females and 36% of males who’ve logged onto personals internet internet internet sites stated their real-world social life have now been jolted by their digital networking, with ladies reporting more dates and males reporting more intercourse. Continue reading “Web Intercourse Survey: Usage Of Adult Private Web Sites”