5 Ideas To Spiritually Add Spice To Your Wedding

5 Ideas To Spiritually Add Spice To Your Wedding

Restore the passion in these biblical tips to your marriage

Using the launch of the film, 50 colors of Grey this Valentine’s Day week-end, it would appear that most people are whispering about intercourse. As Christian married people, we don’t need certainly to watch a film getting the spice we’re searching for inside our wedding, but it is time we begin chatting aloud to our spouses–and a good specialist, if necessary–about maintaining the passion alive.

We trapped with Michael Sytsma, PhD, an ordained minister, licensed therapist and certified intercourse therapist, whom provides wedding and intercourse treatment to about 25 partners per week. Dr. Sytsma states:

“ in regards to 50 Shades, we remind people who sexual dream is effective. Kept inside a healthier wedding it could be rich and boosting. Moved outs

“This holds true with pornography, erotic fantasy novels, sexually focused movies or something that glorifies intimate partialism or the buzz that is sexual.

“Erotic intercourse cannot heal someone’s brokenness, depravity, despair or loneliness, and we also must be really careful in filling stories and images to our mind that fool around with this particular dream (Philippians 4:8). You will find much more valuable methods to invest a few hours sexuality that is enriching wedding,” he noted. Continue reading “5 Ideas To Spiritually Add Spice To Your Wedding”