Just Just What To Text A Woman: Timing Rules

Just Just What To Text A Woman: Timing Rules


Actually before even thinking in what to text a lady, timing is probably the absolute most import element of any good text game. Timing could be the area in the middle texts she take to reply back to each other’s messages that you and. Most high-status or high quality girls have actually a lot taking place inside their life; therefore, they have a tendency to be busy most of the some time have a tendency to just take much longer to respond back once again to your texts. (It’s either this, or they simply desire to appear busy and certainly will just simply take their amount of time in replying.)

This might be ok. You’ll wish to looks as if you’re high status and busy too and invest some time in replying to her, too. It’s the ditto as in individual. You don’t want to seem too available as this allows you to look needy.

Therefore with this stated . . .

How many times should you text a lady?

If she takes, say, 30 minutes to respond back once again to your initial text, and you also answer within one to three minutes of her reaction, you be removed as extremely needy. (In addition, you be removed as a little creepy, as if you had been simply looking at your phone like some kind of Fatal Attraction-type character, simply looking forward to her to answer you, so when she did, you answered her right away.)

I’m suggesting at this time that, you will totally creep the woman out if you do anything resembling this. Continue reading “Just Just What To Text A Woman: Timing Rules”